The Great Contraption Race 2014 from Lewiston, NY to Youngstown, NY was an amazing success!
Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope to see you next year.
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Click these to images to see how much fun the 1st annual Great Contraption Race was.
Join the fun next year and float down the lower Niagara River, all to benefit the It Happened To Alexa Foundation

The Great Contraption Race (GCR) was a fun, 2-person and 4-person team race that started at 9:00 AM on Saturday August 2, 2014. Contestants floated down the lower Niagara River from Lewiston, NY finishing in Youngstown, NY.

The race occured on floating amphibious contraptions designed and built by each team. The contraptions were custom made by the participants and their teams. The contraptions and participating kayaks had to be able to float, and they could only be powered by human power, and or a man-made sail to race down the River.

The contraptions could either be carried by teams, or rolled on portable, or affixed wheels by the teams and their support crews into the Niagara River at the starting point of the race. The start was located at the public boat ramp in Lewiston, NY.

The contraptions had to be able to travel down the mighty Niagara River 6.2 miles (9.97km) to Youngstown, NY where the contraption must then be carried, or rolled out of the river by each team with their support crew's help (you could have as many support members that you want).

Once out of the water your contraption had to be carried, or rolled a half mile (.80km) to the finish line in Youngstown, NY's Veteran's Park.

Points were given for creativity, those that finish, and those that that don't, and you are timed from start to finish.

Costumes and themed contraptions were highly recommended as one of the multiple team awards that were won was for creativity and showmanship. A great after party occurred with lots of food, beverages, music and activities that were supplied by local lower Niagara River Region vendors. It was a great party!

Proceeds from this great event benefited the very worthy, 'It Happened To Alexa Foundation.' The Alexa Foundation is a national charity based in Lewiston, NY that assists rape victims and their families. For more information about this worthy cause go here. The best news about this event though is it is going to happen again next year... So register early.

For now enjoy some great pictures of 2014's The Great Contraption Race.

Click here to see pictures from this year's GCR.

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